Bing Advertising: Boost Your Business Reach

Everyone knows Google dominates the search market, but did you know Bing is the second most popular search engine? A Bing advertising agency can help you reach one in three people who search online. With over a billion unique visitors every month, Bing holds around 3% of the search market share.

You may remember Bing Ads, but they’re now called Microsoft Ads. While Google is still the top search engine, Microsoft Ads is in second place and businesses should not ignore it. Smart digital marketers should learn how to use Microsoft Ads effectively. Advertising on Bing can help you reach a new audience and potentially increase your revenue.

In this guide, we’ll explore why Bing Advertising is good for your business growth and why you should consider a Bing Ads agency.

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What is Bing Advertising?

Bing Ads is a platform used to advertise on the Bing network, which includes the search engines,, and Bing also powers search results for devices and services like Amazon’s Kindle, Apple’s Siri, and Microsoft’s Cortana. It’s the default search engine for all PCs, which means it’s used more widely than you might think, even when you ask Alexa or Siri a question.

Bing Advertising works similarly to Google Ads. This is a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising model, which means you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. The system uses a bidding process which means that if you bid more than your competitors, your ad is more likely to show for a particular search term.  

You can set a daily budget to control how much you spend, so you have no surprises when it comes time to pay. 

When you start doing Bing Advertising, the dashboard provides useful information, like how many people saw your ad and how many clicked on it. It also shows the cost per click and other details. This kind of data is a big advantage over traditional advertising, where it’s much harder to know how many people saw or interacted with your ad. 

What is Bing Advertising Agency?

Bing Ads Agency is a company with experts and Bing Ads consultants that help businesses of all sizes advertise on Bing and Microsoft search engines. These agencies create and manage the advertisements that appear in Bing search results, to attract more visitors to a business’s website. 

Why Hire a Bing Advertising Agency?

As we all know Microsoft Advertising, known as Bing Advertising, is an often overlooked but powerful pay-per-click (PPC) tool for businesses. While Google controls 84% of the global search market, Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, holds a solid 9%. This might seem like a big gap, but with over 1 billion unique visitors each month, Bing is still a major player.

If your target audience includes PC users, buying pay-per-click advertising might be just what you need. Microsoft Search Network data shows Bing has 14.7 billion monthly PC searches and 653 million unique PC users. When considering Bing Advertising, you need to think beyond just audience size. So hiring a Bing Ads agency is a good option for you to accelerate the growth of your business. For example, how does the cost-per-click (CPC) or click-through rate (CTR) compare to other platforms? As Bing Ads can do some things Google Ads can’t, especially with LinkedIn integration. 

By turning to a Bing Advertising agency, you can overcome these differences and take full advantage of the unique benefits of Bing Advertising. Bing Ads consultant can optimize your campaigns to get the best results and make sure you’re getting the most out of this underrated platform.

Bing Ads Agency Help Your Business To Grow

Bing Ads Agency

Bing Ads Agency can help your business grow online through Bing Ads and other channels. This platform often gives a better return on ad spend because it reaches a unique user base. It also offers features like image extensions for better visuals and voice search capabilities.


Bing Ads offers several features to help you grow your business online through Bing Ads and other channels. Some of them are as follows:

Low Advertising Costs

If you are someone who wants to expand your reach to your audience without spending a lot of money then Bing Ads is a great option for your company. Bing’s unique user base means it costs less to get clicks from the right customers, making conversions even cheaper.

Image Detail

In Bing Ads, you can advertise with text as well as images to broadcast your ads. This feature is especially helpful for businesses that benefit from visual imagery, like e-commerce businesses.

Voice Search

Bing is the leader in voice recognition software. More than 60% of searches there are voice-based. If you want to stay ahead of this trend, Bing Advertising is perfect for advertisers like you.

Increase Visibility For Text Ads

The Bing search engine displays text ads in the right-hand column and repeats them at the bottom of the page, doubling your visibility. This makes Microsoft Advertising a great option for businesses that want to grow their online presence and acquire new customers.

How Does Our Bing Ads Agency Work?

Bing Advertising works similarly to Google Ads.
Bing Advertising works

Geek Master, a Bing Ads agency helps your business to get the most and best from your advertising budget.


To provide top-notch support and guidance to you, we offer detailed research that includes keywords and market factors relevant to your industry. 

We keep up with the latest trends and use advanced data analysis techniques to ensure you receive the most current insights. This helps your business succeed and stay ahead of the competition.

Our commitment to thorough research sets us apart, allowing us to offer unique and tailored services to each client.

Analysing Results

Comprehensive testing is important to evaluate and understand all the important results in Microsoft Ads. By diving deeper into the metrics and data provided by Microsoft Ads, we can see the real value your campaigns bring. 

Our comprehensive approach is not just about analysis; It’s about taking the time to understand every detail of each campaign. We look at what has been achieved and build a strong foundation for future endeavours. 

By evaluating the results, we provide our clients with the knowledge and insight they need to make smart decisions and move their business forward.

Craft Your Campaign

Our team of SEO experts carefully creates a well-organized and logical structure for your Microsoft Ads campaign. This setup ensures that your campaign is best optimised and reported, increasing its overall effectiveness. 

By strategically planning and organising the campaign elements, we ensure that you reach your target audience efficiently. This approach makes the best use of your resources and provides accurate measurement of results.

This detailed method helps achieve your campaign goals and drive meaningful results for your business.

Evaluate Progress

To get the best results from your Microsoft Ads account, it’s important to compare your performance against key performance indicators (KPIs) and find areas for improvement. This means looking at key factors such as budget allocation, ad copywriting, creative approach, and audience targeting. 

By carefully examining these elements, you can break down your goals into actionable steps. This helps ensure the success of your ad campaigns. Understanding each part allows for strategic adjustments and fine-tuning, ensuring every aspect of your campaign aligns with your objectives and maximizes your return on investment.

Simply, regular checking and improving these areas will help your ads perform better and get the desired results.

Iterate For Success

After reviewing the results of our campaigns, we hold meetings with our clients to discuss what worked and what didn’t. In these meetings, we talk about the impact of our advertising and get advice from our platform partners on new products and market trends.

The insights we gain from these discussions are important. They help us develop smart strategies and tips. Our goal is to create a strong, long-term plan that aligns with your goals and ensures the continued success of your Bing advertising campaigns.

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