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If you want to stand out and capture the attention of your target audience, you need more than just a basic template and simple site features. Your top competitor is probably using a top-notch WordPress website development company and you should too. If you are one of those who want to create an extraordinary blog or a dynamic business website to capture the attention of a targeted audience then look no further, you are on the right page, we are one of the top WordPress website development companies in the world. 

We’ve been in this business for a long time, and our talented team of WordPress developers knows how to create unique web solutions using the latest WordPress technology. WordPress is one of the simplest and most powerful content management systems, packed with features to make your experience enjoyable and engaging. It also has a global community available 24/7 to help you. Plus, there are countless plugins to add great features to your site.

Geek Master provides WordPress development and solutions at affordable prices and high-end services. We work hard and smart to provide high-quality WordPress website development services to startups like you.

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Services Provided by WordPress Website Development Company

We know that creating a perfect website with a great interface requires real expertise. That’s why we’re here to help you. Trust us, and you’ll get a site that is SEO-friendly, efficient, and robust. These are the range of services we provide to complete your WordPress website development project.

WordPress Website Development Company

WordPress Services

Geek Master offers a full range of WordPress services. This includes custom WordPress theme development, plugin customization, speed optimization, SEO, and integrating your site with third-party apps like Facebook. 

WordPress Design

Design is our top priority. Whether you need a custom blog, a brochure site, a static website, or an advanced eCommerce solution, we offer comprehensive WordPress design services.

WordPress Upgrade Service

We give priority to safety. Our upgrade services ensure that your site and plugins are always protected from threats. Hire us to keep your site secure and up to date.

WordPress Support

We provide top-notch WordPress support services including design customization, plugin updates, site migration, staging, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Our experienced developers ensure that your site runs smoothly and remains up to date.

WordPress SEO

Geek Master uses the latest strategies to improve your site’s search engine rankings. We focus on finding the right keywords, creating valuable content, building backlinks, and more to increase your site’s visibility.

WordPress Customization

We customise WordPress sites according to client needs, treating each project like a work of art. Our developers seamlessly integrate third-party plugins and modules to enhance your site’s performance and ranking.

6 benefits of our WordPress website development services

We have an amazing team of WordPress developers that can meet all your business needs and expectations effortlessly.

Architectural Implementation

We develop your site carefully to ensure it works great and keeps costs low. Our developers are experienced and know how to handle any situation to deliver your expected results.

Compelling UI/UX Design

At Geek Master, we create incredible UI/UX designs that reflect your brand identity. Our team is skilled in turning your ideas into reality.

Highly Scalable

We focus on making your web platform adaptable so that it can handle business growth without any issues. Our goal is to help your business succeed by ensuring that your website continues to meet your growing needs.

Flexible Development

Our team keeps you involved in the entire web development process. We work closely with you to ensure that you are satisfied with the final product.

Psychology Driven Ideology

We design websites using principles of brain science to create engaging and addictive applications. It helps in attracting users and enhancing business growth through our effective solutions.

Unit Testing

Before launching, we thoroughly test each web application to ensure that it is secure and free from problems. We perform extensive unit testing to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Why Choose Custom WordPress Website Development?

Custom WordPress development services can help your business grow by creating a website that suits your needs and looks good to both users and search engines. You can also learn how to make changes to your site by taking one of the top WordPress development courses. Here’s how these services can boost your business:


WordPress is popular because it is budget-friendly. As an open-source platform, it’s free to use and maintain, making it perfect for businesses looking to save money. Custom WordPress development services ensure that your website runs smoothly. Skilled developers make the most of WordPress’s flexibility and deliver great results. 


With expert developers, you can easily expand your website using WordPress. A great visual layout attracts more visitors. Custom WordPress development lets experts design a beautiful user interface that grabs attention and increases traffic. Combining WordPress with React for the front end is a smart way to make your site scalable and robust.

Better User Experience

Custom development makes your website more user-friendly. With WordPress design services, you can create a site that is easy to navigate, looks great on all devices, and loads quickly. This helps visitors stay on your site longer, increases engagement, and converts to customers, which increases traffic and conversion rates.

Enhanced Performance

An optimised website can make a big difference. This makes things easier for visitors and increases conversions. A fast, responsive site keeps people happy and attracts search engines who love quick sites. 

Better Efficiency

With a custom WordPress design, you won’t be stuck with the same old themes and plugins that everyone else uses. You can add custom features just for you.  Custom design lets you create functions tailored to your exact needs and goals. Custom WordPress website development services help your business shine online by providing you with exactly what you need. 

Unique & Sophisticated Design

You can have a unique and sophisticated website design to stand out from the crowd. Custom WordPress development allows you to create a unique site with a professional vibe. A custom development team helps businesses create designs that truly match their brand style.

Should You Hire a WordPress Web Design and Development Company?

It is extremely important to have a great website to attract an audience. It should represent your brand well and be a powerful tool for generating leads. However, the effectiveness of your WordPress site depends on the quality of the WordPress Web Design and Development Company you choose. Here’s why hiring a WordPress company could be a smart move for your company:

Web Design & Development Company

Greatest Accomplishment

A professional WordPress design agency has years of experience that you can’t compete with alone. They can build or redesign your site quickly and efficiently, getting it up and running quickly. WordPress is built for quick site creation, and an experienced team will make the process smooth and efficient.

Worry-Free Management

A WordPress design company will set up a staging site to make sure everything meets your expectations. You can discuss changes with your developers without worrying about disrupting the live site. This means you can rest easy knowing that your site is in good hands.

Custom-fit Design

WordPress design services aren’t just about creating a website; They’re about creating the best online representation of your brand. A good WordPress agency will have regular meetings with you to fully understand your needs and deliver the right site for you. Their deep knowledge of WordPress ensures that your site is perfect.

Multi-Layer Support

A reliable WordPress agency knows that a good site needs more than just a good design. It should be SEO-friendly, load quickly, and be mobile-responsive. These elements are essential, and a WordPress design company can handle all of them for you. 

Geek Master is your WordPress website development company

Do you want to attract your customers with a website that is not only beautiful but also engages the audience? Well, look no further, we’re not just about creating great WordPress sites. We are digital marketing experts who know how to go from zero to hero.

Customer-centric Strategies

When we build your website we focus on your unique business goals. Whether you want to increase leads, improve your brand, or sell more products, we tailor our WordPress development services to meet those goals. We aim to create an authentic and high-converting site for you.

More than just a WordPress company

We do more than just design WordPress websites. Our team of experts covers SEO, pay-per-click, social media, and much more. To get you the best results, we take a holistic approach to our WordPress website development services. And, we also offer flexible pricing to suit your needs.

Top Notch Website Analysis

Your website is the key to your brand and marketing success. We install advanced analytics and tracking tools and provide reports to measure the success of your campaign. Our developers ensure data accuracy as part of our maintenance services.

Sales-focused Websites

A major advantage of working with us is our expertise in increasing sales. We incorporate your digital marketing needs into our WordPress design pricing. To increase sales, we add clear calls-to-action (CTAs), simplify navigation, and run A/B tests to find the best strategies.


Depending on the complexity of the site, our development timelines range from four to 20 weeks. We set realistic deadlines and always meet them. We value timeliness and responsiveness, ensuring that our work meets your needs and leaves you 100% satisfied.

Stay Ahead

Our designers stay connected to the latest trends to keep you ahead of your industry. We update our strategies for changes such as software updates, and search engine algorithms. We’re always looking for ways to grow your brand.

WordPress Web Developer Near Me 

Are you looking for a WordPress website development service in your area? We’ve got you covered. Whether you need someone nearby to build or make changes to your WordPress site, it’s now easy to find a local expert. They can help with designing, coding, and customising your site to suit your needs.

We are one of the best WordPress website development companies in Gurgaon, India, always pushing our creative boundaries to give you the best WordPress solutions.

If you are far away from Gurgaon, search “WordPress Web Developer Near Me” on Google to find a skilled developer in your area.

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